Plants, Passion & Purpose

I am Victoria Mörner, a Swedish landscape architect based in the beautiful town of Marbella, Spain. 

Nature is my greatest passion, and I am deeply devoted to crafting landscapes that celebrate its beauty and essence. I believe that landscapes should engage all the senses, enriching your experience and creating moments of tranquility and wonder.

I spent over 15 years in Botswana, Africa, a vibrant and diverse multicultural environment, where I had the great opportunity to work with a wide variety of projects ranging from urban planning and commercial properties to hotels and residential gardens. 

I see myself as ´Swedish by birth, Spanish at heart´. My connection to Spain runs deep as I partly grew up in the coastal village La Herradura. Here I started garden projects at our house from a young age and loved every visit to the local vivero- garden center, fascinated with the wide variety of exotic plants. 

Embracing my Swedish roots and my love for Spain, I approach each project marrying the precision and innovation of Swedish design with the vibrancy and authenticity of Spanish culture. I speak Swedish, naturally, English and Spanish which is very beneficial in understanding my clients and project management on the ground.  

Landscape architecture is more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating meaningful spaces with a purpose that resonate with your soul. Each project has its own calling and I immerse myself deeply into each one, carefully understanding your vision and aspirations. Whether it’s a private garden sanctuary or a vibrant public space, I strive to infuse each design with a distinct character that reflects the heart of the project.

Welcome to a world where landscapes come alive with passion, creativity, and the beauty of nature.

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