Project Process

Welcome to VMLA, where our journey with you begins with an insightful interview. During this crucial phase, we aim to establish the scale of the project, the scope of work, and most importantly, your vision. Your ideas and preferences are at the heart of our design process. Following our interview, we present you with a written design proposal that beautifully articulates our understanding of the project. This proposal serves as a roadmap, aligning our creative vision with your desires.
Step 1
Interview with you

Establishing the scale of the project, scope of work and vision. A written design proposal is produced to describe in words our understanding of the project. This is followed by…

Step 2
Site Survey and Analysis

A visit to the site and surrounding areas to get a full appreciation of the site and its location, mapping natural features as well as potential complications. With this information we move on to…
Conceptual Design- A sketch master plan is developed with the overall design concept for the site.

Step 3
Conceptual Design

The imagination is unleashed and we think out of the box to develop a strong concept, searching for unique angles/ design solutions that inspire and captivate. The sketch masterplan serves as the base for exchanging ideas and comments until the client is fully satisfied with the overall concept.

Step 4
Detail Design and Technical Drawings

Each area of hard and soft landscaping and additional design elements are developed in detail with supporting technical drawings. Planting plan and lighting schedules are provided

Step 5
Quotations or Tender Document

For smaller projects, quotations are obtained. For larger projects, we produce tender documents with accompanying drawings.

Step 6
Implementation and Supervision

Lastly, the implementation phase commences. VMLA is dedicated to overseeing the realization of every design element. Our experienced team takes charge, ensuring that each step is executed to perfection, leading up to a successful handover of your transformed landscape.

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