Project Aloha MiraSierra
DescriptionTropical Terrace
ClientPrivate Client Investment Property
SizeSpacious Terrace
GoalCreate a lush tropical feel and increase property value for sale.

About the project

Aloha MiraSierra presents a captivatingly renovated flat featuring an expansive west-facing terrace. Responding to the client’s desires, our aim was to infuse the space with a rich tropical ambiance through strategic planting. The outcome is truly stunning, contributing to the newly designed outdoor living areas perfect for dining, social gatherings, yoga sessions, bathing, and unwinding. The decision to invest in lush vegetation undeniably proved its worth by elevating the property’s overall value. This transformation not only enhanced the visual appeal but also translated into a lifestyle upgrade, demonstrating how thoughtful landscaping can profoundly influence the atmosphere and value of a living space.

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