DescriptionCharming Spanish Holiday Rental Property
ClientPrivate Client
SizeComplete renovation- Construction, Interior and Planting
GoalProperty Investment- Charming Andalusian seaside holiday rental property

About the project

From a neglected and downtrodden state, this property has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an ugly duckling into a swan, where guests feel the authentic local experience in the design, relaxed and invigorated.

VMLA was appointed for the design and supervision of the complete renovation project encompassing both the renovation, interior and exterior design.

Acquired as an investment for holiday rentals the key objective was to make it truly unique and stand out in the market. While operating within a constrained budget, the focus was vibrancy and comfort, unmistakably evoking the essence of Andalusia by the tranquil seaside. This vision materialized mainly through the integration of Andalusian decorative tiles, elegantly infused with a palette of oceanic blues throughout the spaces, creating a truly memorable stay.

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