ProjectLos Naranjos Hill Club
DescriptionModern Classic Elegance
ClientPrivate Client
SizeNew spacious and ornamental garden
GoalGrand and elegant. Family friendly.

About the project

This Villa enjoys the most breathtaking views! A complete renovation project of a family home with a harmonious blend of architectural and natural beauty.

The use of symmetrical elements to mirror the architecture’s elegance in the garden enhanced the overall grandeur of the property. Clipped hedges and orange trees line the driveway, iconic to Southern Spain.

The incorporation of two old olive trees on either side of the sweeping staircase creates a sense of continuity between the architecture and the natural surroundings whilst also adding a sense of timelessness and natural beauty. Olive trees are often associated with endurance and peace, which could further contribute to the serene ambiance of the villa.
The diamond-shaped tile landing with grass inlays adds an element of sophistication bridging the transition between the architecture and the garden.

The choice of planting four large Magnolia trees in front of the stone wall not only added height and greenery but also introduced a touch of symbolism. The Magnolia flower’s representation of nobility, purity, luck, and stability aligns well with the elegance and transformation of the property.

In order to balance the grand size and design of the main entrance with greenery bold decisions were made. The use of XXL black pots with large manicured Bonsai Ficuses, were placed on either side of the front entrance creating sophistication and opulence, contributing to the overall magnificence of the entrance.

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