Project Meisho Hills
DescriptionTerrace Uplift
ClientPrivate Client
SizeSpacious Terrace
GoalTo add lush greenery to the terrace in a contemporary style.

About the project

The introduction of oversized planters became the keystones of this revitalization. The juxtaposition of pot sizes and colors created a dynamic visual tapestry that breathed life into the terrace while effectively breaking up the monotony. The incorporation of various textures in the planters introduced an organic and tactile quality, adding an organic feel. Ranging in hues from deep blacks to subtle grays and serene off-whites, these pots anchor a variety of large tropical palm trees. 

The result is stunning – a terrace that has evolved from a lifeless, exposed area into a design statement of a captivating oasis and tranquility, casting cooling shadows and offering respite from the sun’s intensity.

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