Project Nueva Andalucia Terrace
DescriptionFrom Cold to Warm
ClientPrivate Client
SizeSpacious Terrace
GoalTo add warmth and soft texture to this large terrace

About the project

Situated in the heart of Nueva Andalucia, this villa enjoys panoramic golf course views.The expansive covered terrace is seamlessly linked to the pool area, outdoor entertainment and bonfire area, creating a lovely free flow between the spaces for dining, socializing and relaxation. 

Though furnished, the space lacked warmth and comfort. In response to the client’s request for a “female touch,” we undertook the task of brightening the space and enhancing its appeal. We created this by placing a large round carpet under the round lounge seating to anchor the furniture and add a soft texture. We added pots in various sizes with tropical planting and sculptural character. The modern style of the pots ranging in colours of off white , grey to matt black,  reflect both the style and colours of the architecture. 

The contemporary pots, exhibiting shades from off-white to matte black, not only echo the palette of the architecture but also emphasize the modern aesthetic. The result is an inviting outdoor room where style and nature coalesce to offer a truly enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing space.

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