Project Villa Vibra
DescriptionHouse of Fun
ClientProperty developer
SizeGarden and Outdoor Entertainment
GoalGrand planting with impact and tropical feel. Outdoor entertainment.

About the project

Villa Vibra truly lives up to its name as a House of Fun! The comprehensive renovation of this property showcases a remarkable array of amenities, including a generously sized swimming pool, a sauna overlooking the pool area, outdoor jacuzzi, a cozy bonfire space, and an impressive bar with BBQ. Unique to this property is the single paddle court for some extra fun!
To perfectly match the property’s grandeur and ambiance, we strategically planted six majestic palm trees, beautifully illuminated at night to infuse the garden with a magical evening charm. The tropical planting further enhances the property’s allure, imparting a sense of gentle opulence that perfectly complements the overall luxurious atmosphere. Villa Vibra is undeniably a haven of enjoyment and relaxation.

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